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Safeguarding your most valued possessions
Welcome To MySafe RAK 
MySafe RAK is the World’s leading fully automated Safe Deposit Box centre. Using advanced Safe robotics,fully insured and open 24/7. Secure your valuables today with world’s Most Trusted
Safe Deposit Box centre.
Privacy Pod
MySafe Centres are fully automated & discrete; you alone control access to privacy pod and personal Safe Deposit Box.
MySafe can insure the contents of your box with Lloyd's of London from 80,000 AED up to 5 million AED.
Safety Deposit Box
Open 24/7
You can access your Safe Deposit Box at MySafe 24/7. Our centres are designed for your privacy & convenience.
Safe Deposit Box Federation
Global Standards
MySafe is built on advanced safe robotics security codes & is a leading member of the prestigious Global Safe Deposit Federation.
Why Choose MySafe RAK?

Strategic location and a thriving economy made Ras Al Khaimah the ideal choice for MySafe's expansion.

Our Safe Deposit Centres are secured using the latest security and robotic technology. The security features include but are not limited to: Robust biometric technology, RVM CCTV, “bank standard” encrypted access cards and more to provide you with complete peace of mind. What does that mean to you?
It means all your personal belongings are secured using state of the art security features, providing you with premium protection.

In addition to being serious about security, we are keen to offering you a professional yet friendly, customized service. We created an automated concept to ensure absolute discretion, developed the concept so the service can be delivered at locations convenient to you and we incorporated premium Insurance to provide you with complete Peace of Mind. MySafe remains the Most Trusted Safe Deposit Box Brand, Globally.

The most advanced vault of its kind.

Premium Insurance by Lloyd's of London.

Impenetrable Security Systems.

Impeccable Customer Service

Easy booking with ID or Passport.

Member of Global Safe Deposit Federation

How It Works?

Once registered, clients use a Proximity Card to enter the Privacy pod. This prompts the doors to lock. They then enter a unique 4 Digit Pin Code, place their finger on a unique Bio Metric reader which verifies using vein pattern recognition technology and the advanced robotics delivers their safe deposit box within ten seconds.

They are the only individuals with keys to their own box. A unique integrated multi layered security access control process ensures total security.

Safe Box Sizes
All the Boxes in MySafe Centres are much wider and longer than an A4 sheet of paper and are available in 3 different depths; 70 mm, 120 mm & 170 mm.
Medium Safety deposit Box
70 mm Deep
Large Safety Deposit Box
120 mm Deep
Extra Large Safety Deposit Box
Extra Large
170 mm Deep
MySafe Gallery
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